BRIAN MCCORKLE: 11 Attempted Decompositions

11 Attempted Decompositions

11 Attempted Decompositions is the title of an album being made throughout 2018 through a residency at Harvestworks in collaboration with more than 50 collaborators.

An act of composition in reverse, an antidote to composer-as-landowner, a Decomposition is defined as a series of musical decisions rather than a predetermined melody or harmony. Each Decomposition is based around a different focal point: light, timbre, loudness, note, meaning, contact, conversation, periodicity, presence, and absence. Over the course of 2018 individual recording sessions will be held with over 50 artists, engaging with a focus of their choice, designed with them in mind. The recordings will be assembled into an album, culminating in a record release show and exhibition of selected compositional systems for the public to engage with.

The system of decomposition has been developed through a Workspace Residency with Harvestworks and a Fellowship with IDEA New Rochelle, along with a residency at Three Phase.


Initial recording sessions have begun at Harvestworks, they will be released at