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11 Attempted Decompositions

performed at: Harvestworks

11 Attempted Decompositions

11 Attempted Decompositions is a proposed 11 part framework for composing without composing.

An act of composition in reverse, an antidote to composer-as-landowner, a Decomposition is defined as a series of musical decisions rather than a predetermined melody or harmony. Each Decomposition is based around a different focal point: light, timbre, loudness, note, meaning, contact, conversation, periodicity, presence, and absence.

The system of decomposition has been developed through a Workspace Residency with Harvestworks, a Fellowship with IDEA New Rochelle, and a residency at Three Phase Center.

Here’s an initial use of decompositional systems recorded at Harvestworks:

The 11 Decompositions are:

  1. Distance The composition reacts to your distance.
  2. Light The composition communicates through light.
  3. Timbre The composition is excited by your timbre.
  4. Loudness The composition is interested in your loudness.
  5. Note The composition hears all the notes.
  6. Meaning The composition attempts to ascertain meaning.
  7. Contact The composition responds to contact.
  8. Conversation The composition responds to vocal information.
  9. Periodicity The composition attempts to find cycles - it is encouraged to repeat.
  10. Presence They wish to be there.
  11. Absence They are not there.