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Embarrassed of the Whole Phase III

performed at: Salisbury University, W.O.R.K. Gallery

collaborators: Panoply Performance Laboratory, Esther Neff, Kaia Gilje

Embarrassed of the Whole Phase III

Phase III involved a residency at Chance House at John Cage Memorial Park and Salisbury University.

The Overture to Movement I, recorded while in residence at the Chance House:


Three Movements comprised Phase III (Hole at Last):

Movement I was a workshop with students at Salisbury University about diagrammatic thought and communication, cybernetic oversight, and transformation of concepts into actions. The workshop guided the construction of a 1-hour opera, performed for (and with) a public audience and the students in the TV studio.

Movement II was an interactive exhibition in the Electronics Gallery, including the survey what should i do that printed out via a beeswax-box into the gallery, a surveillance/poesis system, hand-sewn banners that were used as score-markers, and boxes with red buttons inside that produced interlocking parts of a composition.

Movement III was performed as an anti-holistic system at W.O.R.K Gallery. 180 envelopes with three internal contingency systems were distributed/hidden/delivered. A treasure hunt to find buried pie, scores, karaoke of desires, “i would drown for you in a bowl of water,” an aria by the curator/hostess (Tara Gladden), overture, tasks.