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Perfect Lives

performed at: PERFORMA, Mt Tremper Arts, Pittsburgh Festival of New Music, Con Vivo

collaborators: Varispeed Collective, Robert Ashley

Perfect Lives

Varispeed first formed in 2011 to perform an off-the-cuff, site-specific rendition of Robert Ashley’s Perfect Lives in Brooklyn, NY. They have subsequently performed the piece with increasingly complex arrangements in 2011 (Performa Biennial, Manhattan), 2013 (Mount Tremper Arts, Catskills), 2014 (Pittsburgh Festival of New Music, Pittsburgh), and 2015 (Con Vivo, Jersey City).

A recording of my arrangement of “The Park” performed live in Jersey City 2015 with Aliza Simons (euphonium), Gelsey Bell (synthesizer), Dave Ruder (guitar), Paul Pinto (drums), and Brian McCorkle (voice):